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Our Human Resources Policy

As a company focused on development and change, we value our employees by working towards being an environmentally conscious, occupational health and safety-aware, quality standards-compliant, and customer-oriented company. Our Human Resources Policy aims to plan, select, hire, and assign employees to the most suitable positions, develop them through performance and competency management practices, monitor their development-oriented progress, measure their satisfaction, and take necessary actions accordingly, in line with our sense of responsibility towards them.

We are a company that values the motivation and experience of our employees, who have contributed to bringing us to where we are today. With our “WE SPIRIT,” which is aligned with our corporate values and takes pride in the work we do, we are an organization that works cohesively.

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    CNC Lathe Operator

    Universal Lathe Operator

    Machinery Lines

    CNC Vertical Machining Center

    CNC Lathe

    CNC Rotary Table (Dividing Head)

    Surface Grinding

    Universal Lathe

    Mold Milling

    CNC Plasma Cutting Machine


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