çağrı makina
Since 2002.. Quality Trust Dedication

Our company, which has been continuously growing since its establishment, has become a significant solution center/brand in its industry with its areas of operation, customer relationships, evolving expert team, emphasis on people, environment, and social values, and limitless energy in all these areas.
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What we have done

With over 18 years of professional experience.

Since 2002, as Çağrı Makina, here are what we have accomplished..

Rulolu Taşıma Konveyörü
Ateşsan Oluklu
PVC Bantlı Montaj Konveyörü
Pilsan Oyuncak
Rulolu Aktarma Konveyörü
Dentaş Oluklu
Tırtıklı Taşıma Konveyörü
Ağır tip sanayi konveyörü
Oğuz Ambalaj
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